created by photos, observations and most often my imagination so what I see may not be anything like what I have created. Mainly digital abstracts. Smile.

Since my youth I have scribbled, created graphitti and made abstractions, but I have studied mechanical drawing and technical drawing, drafting, taken lessons in art, realism, surrealism and abstract at colleges, universities and in private institutions, as well as private lessons, only to threw it all out in search of my own style. 

All the while I have been using my camera, and then along came the cell phone and notepad. I have been taking photos of all the things I hoped to one day paint, writing notes and scribbling as much as possible. 
Modern technology has allowed me to take my work and pretty much design all sorts of products.
Most of all, I like to put color where there wasn't any and 
I allow my imagination 
just to take control and be free.

You can find many of my photos, drawings and paintings on my facebook and instagram pages.

Here's a link: https://www.instagram.com/michaelgordonpenn/

Finally, technology has allowed us to store huge amounts of creations in very tiny bits of space almost making storage a problem that is moot.

So, I will be posting as much as possible. 


Taking you with me where I have been and may go to come away or return, able to paint, sew, write and create.

I may not be Waldo Emerson but the nature is a place I truly enjoy just as much he does. StuArt has brought me a lot of joy.

Extra large paintings are available, too.